—  Attn: Beneficiary,`

I am Mr chefia de Gabinete, the virtaul representative of Spam Pavillion. This is to bring to your notice that my office is calling out for any and all works originated from any part of African/ Europe and Asia counties etc. as text-based spam,visual or sonic spam, spam related and (un)inspired works or Lottery Winning spam due to Unauthorized/incapability of spam filters/security percautions In releasing such huge spam due to Fraud,terrorist and money Laundry activities going on world wide into the fields of virutal or actual. The Wrong bienalle has Mandated the Spam pavillion via my Office to release spam-funds of beneficiaries through spam pavillion, Hence Your Name may appear as one of The fund beneficiaries whom their spam related work was successfully accepted recently (From Terrorist and Money laundry) and your wrok will be released to internet Through www.spam.catering that will be view-able from any computer or smart device in your country or virtual delivery been the only way you would receive notification of acceptance to avoid paying excess charges.

As regard to this arrangement,you are advised to contact the pavilion curator BSc. MICHAL MITRO through his direct line 00421949208926 Contact BSc. Michal Mitro with the contact information below.
“Curating Spam”, the wrong.
Name: BSc. Michal Mitro
DIRECT TEL: +421949208926
Email: opencall@spam.catering

You are therefore advised to forward your work together with its title and description (if applicable), Your complete name and your house address to Bsc. Michal Mitro for Immediate release of your work to the biennale. Most importantly be aware that 1 works Only was allocated to you, Be also informed that the 1st instance of open call and authorization document (Including Anti-terrorist Clearance Certificate) shall be issued no later than on 31st of January from you. More instances shall follow if the need arises thereafter.

Finally,BSc. Michal Mitro is standby to receive your communication and Release your work to the Wrong biennale through Spam Pavilion without further delay. Make your contact directly to him through Email contact any time because we are working 24 Hours to be able to meet with the mandate given by the Wrong biennale,

Thanks for your maximum cooperation.

Mr chefia de Gabinete


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