Vladimír Novák

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ahoj mizuu pise aja!
chci se zeptat/ poradit
mám vymsleny koncept na SPAM, ale nevim jak to udelat: Chtela bych udelat falesny JUKEBOX, jakože mit zdanlive možnost volby z pisnicek ALE když si vyberes a das play, tak ti to pokažde zahraje uplne jinou a porad stejnou pisničku. Ale nevim jak to mam udelat!
da se udelat takovej falesnej playlist nekde? ze pretaguju mp3 na falesny nazvy?
dík! Aja

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Jason Nelson

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Hey  Mižu,
As promised here is a work for the SPAM exhibition. It fits the theme in one major way. Each level explores and works against the SPAM-like language of the US government.
Spam as government speak!
Have a play and let me know what you think.
Title: Myopic Blossoms
URL: http://www.secrettechnology.com/myopic/
Artwork type:  interactive art-game and digital poem

Artist/Digital Poet:  Jason Nelson
[iframe src=”https://www.secrettechnology.com/myopic/” width=”100%” height=”100%”]
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Brief Description:
Video games are a language, a grammar or linguistics of various texts. The sounds, the movement, the graphics, the rules or lack of rules, everything about a video game is a component of language.  A digital poetry game must combine all these elements, strange and interactive stanzas, crossed out and obstructed lines, sounds and texts triggered and lost during the play. Indeed the game interface becomes a road to inhabiting the digital poem, to coaxing the reader/player into living and creating within the game/poetry space.Myopic Blossoms is an art/ poetry/ adventuring game, a playland for exploring and disrupting the collisions and breaking-apart of our governments, the downfall of our political leaders.  Each level allows the reader/user/player to knock apart, slinging ideas into, the dominant social and political systems, coaxes them into rethinking corrupt/inept/elitist/militaristic governments.
And in another way Myopic Blossoms is an instrument for creative play. The reader/user/player becomes the creator, aiming for movement and sound, image and collision. They can slingshot into small worlds, recreate them into madness or textual beauty.From game comes art and from art comes collision and from collision becomes new pathways through institutions too broken and powerful to continue.
It’s a bizarre and wonderful work me thinks. 
cheers, Jason

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sur sur

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Cau lubos
Tak sa stretnime v utorok a poriesime to rovno?
to wrong bienale by trebalo pomaly rozchodit
nechce sa ti dat nejaku mini party u teba v kanclu abo dkade pocas ktorej pobrainstormujeme tieto tri tematiky a sfukneme rovno tri muchy jednou ranou? 🙂
Čáj…pošlu ti cokoliv…vykomunikoval jsem monitory na začátek listopadu a mam 8 výstupů z poče…

A Na jaky mail mam poslat ten spam?

8) spam jak víno….Fwd: Jdi dopiče, chcete si mě přidat do své sítě na LinkedIn?

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neon m3

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Hey btw
You want to submit sometjing for my pavilion at wrong bienale?
I know youre busy but i thought maybe you have some trash at the back of your mind culminating that needs to be urgently released?

cmon! send me something for my spam pavilion
i know you got heaps of trash somewhere there!
ill bring to koszice
anyways as for the spam thing… would be cool if you could sned me someting now (virtual) as the opening is in a week
i ll have the call open throughot but i need some content for the opening lol 😛
well I told you I kind of busy with flat hunt and shit like that it steals a lot of my lifenergy to deal with property agents
so this year I kind of put to waste regarding to artistic pursuits
spam I don’t know I can give you some spam from my emails
im looking exactly for waste 😉


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— metazoa.org —
1. (!) Put firebase-messaging-sw.js file to the root of web page (use ftp).Than, it should be accessible from https://spam.catering/firebase-messaging-sw.js (test it, please)
2. Install and activate wrong-notifications-v2.zip plugin
3. Put the shortcode “wrong-notification” to the post/page (title: LOVE ME FOR FREE)
4. Set love-me-for-free-poster.png as featured image

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Coraline Janvier and Julia Drouhin

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Pride, snow, garbage, ghost, balls scratching….
I’m taking a plane with my 2 kids back to Tasmania so use that info / photo if you can and I will talk to you again wednesday. ❤⏳
We started 2 years ago And still travelling on the roads of Google maps to.meet somewhere . We want.to finish the journey during the biennale. We will explain our slowness by some fiction (like I broke my leg and cora had a finger tendinitus so she couldn’t click) with real photos. Are you ok with that or it doesn’t fit?

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jelena viskovic

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Nuclear.org & Nuclear Semiotics:
‘An anually renewed ritual can be forseen, with the legend retold yearby year. The actual “truth” would be entrusted exculisvely to an “atomic priesthood”. Membership in this “priesthood would be self-selective over time.’

This text can be found in the document titled ‘Communication Measures to Bridge Ten Millennia’. It proposes ideas to keep information about nuclear waste repositories safe over millennia. Together with another document form 1984 in which descriptions of waste isolation protocols can be found, they propose different signage and signage decryption scenarios which would communicate danger in the post anthropocene.
Nuclear.org created 3D models of the monuments described in the documents and trained an image recognition algorithm to describe them.

Xrational Nlpnoid:
The Xrational Nlpnoid uses a pathfinding algorithm to print imaginary symbols. This machine is an invention of a paranoid human who was looking for answers to most simple actions, constructing a DIY tool that makes decisions for them. The machine ended up producing information inefficiently. The route from activity A (example: sleep) to b (example: walk) is more complicated and random than it should be when properly functioning, mirroring the human bias, producing errors in a more organic way. Part of why AI misses human characteristics is that the mistakes it makes are different from human mistakes. I’m looking for overlapping accidents in machinic and human errors producing spam, recursion, schizophrenia, paranoia.
Here are also two images that go together with the atomicpriesthood video for the Nuclear semiotics project

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