Anna Chrtková

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Zen garden less than 1 MB in size. Tranquility wrapped in gif file format. Neverending loops of instant happiness. Relax. Submerge your eyes into the screen. Keep breathing. Breathe. Oasis of calmness in your inbox. Formal figures of speech PS: please, reply as soon as possible. A series of gif images that is trying to react to ceaseless urge to organize, reply, ask, to apply manuals, to reject, accept, trade – communicate, which is innate to e-mail cosmos. Spam that responds to e-mail world as highly-functional communication tool by inviting to take a bath. A cold sweat, which emerges at your brow while reading invoices, a child subsidy forms or friendship requests from other side of the planet, needs to be dissolved in water. Because purity of one’s body is paramount.

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