jelena viskovic

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Texts: & Nuclear Semiotics:
‘An anually renewed ritual can be forseen, with the legend retold yearby year. The actual “truth” would be entrusted exculisvely to an “atomic priesthood”. Membership in this “priesthood would be self-selective over time.’

This text can be found in the document titled ‘Communication Measures to Bridge Ten Millennia’. It proposes ideas to keep information about nuclear waste repositories safe over millennia. Together with another document form 1984 in which descriptions of waste isolation protocols can be found, they propose different signage and signage decryption scenarios which would communicate danger in the post anthropocene. created 3D models of the monuments described in the documents and trained an image recognition algorithm to describe them.

Xrational Nlpnoid:
The Xrational Nlpnoid uses a pathfinding algorithm to print imaginary symbols. This machine is an invention of a paranoid human who was looking for answers to most simple actions, constructing a DIY tool that makes decisions for them. The machine ended up producing information inefficiently. The route from activity A (example: sleep) to b (example: walk) is more complicated and random than it should be when properly functioning, mirroring the human bias, producing errors in a more organic way. Part of why AI misses human characteristics is that the mistakes it makes are different from human mistakes. I’m looking for overlapping accidents in machinic and human errors producing spam, recursion, schizophrenia, paranoia.
Here are also two images that go together with the atomicpriesthood video for the Nuclear semiotics project

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jørgen ekvoll

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Hello there!
I was told about the Spam Pavilion by a friend of mine, and found your concept interesting. I have a piece of internet art that I think would fit in neatly 🙂
It’s called “Endless Prayers”, and it depicts an old painting of God. Every tweet containing the word “pray” will appear between Gods hands. The frequency of this is usually too fast for a human to read, and hence you get a real time impression of the “spam” god receives in forms of prayers on twitter.
Link to artwork: let me know if you want to see more of my work, artist statement, CV etc.
Best regards,
Jørgen Evil Ekvoll

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Wie Ingebørg

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I would with this like to apply for the spam pavilion. I really like your concept, and feel that my work would fit in. My name is Ingeborg, I am graduated from the academy of arts in Bergen 2016 and live and work in Berlin. 
My proposal for spam pavilion is a collection of gifs that is dealing with the self in the context of new technology, general paranoia, security and surveillance.  I believe in the idea of the artist as a troll, and the concept of art being fed to the art audience trough spamming and shit posting. For the pavilion I would also be interested in producing new content.

Sincerely yours,


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James Edmanson

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Kasia said you re coming with her for a eurotrip?:)


Thank you james! 🙂
Please send more whenever you feel like! Noone is sending me this sort of messages!:p


Hope all is cool down under
Im thinking about visiting sometime… like… in a year or two… its soo faat unbelievable 😛
ames! Tottaly awesome!
Thank you! 🙂
Do you want to send me some for the wrong bienale? 🙂

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Anna Chrtková

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Zen garden less than 1 MB in size. Tranquility wrapped in gif file format. Neverending loops of instant happiness. Relax. Submerge your eyes into the screen. Keep breathing. Breathe. Oasis of calmness in your inbox. Formal figures of speech PS: please, reply as soon as possible. A series of gif images that is trying to react to ceaseless urge to organize, reply, ask, to apply manuals, to reject, accept, trade – communicate, which is innate to e-mail cosmos. Spam that responds to e-mail world as highly-functional communication tool by inviting to take a bath. A cold sweat, which emerges at your brow while reading invoices, a child subsidy forms or friendship requests from other side of the planet, needs to be dissolved in water. Because purity of one’s body is paramount.

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