ayuda de fema now on spam catering!

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ayuda de fema. help the fema! yes!

whatever that may mean, it means one thing for sure. we have more and more is more than less. we now can easily predict all the possible atrocities that may happen to people of Puerto Rico with  scientific precission. just like that, all online and now. 


Chairman of US Federal Department of Homeland Insecurities

Hurricane María Disaster
Online Relief (8) Ball

Concentrate and type your questions in the box below for accurate predictions about your future #PRLiftsUp



Gabriella Torres-Ferrer



Gabriella Torres-Ferrer


I’m interested in submiting this website: https://ayudadefema.org

It is a digital art website created by myself a local artist and resident of Puerto Rico. It is created from the uncertainty that this natural disaster crisis has caused and the discontent of crisis management by the local and federal government. It is based on the “Magic 8 Ball” toy by mattel is a fortune-telling toy that “predicts” your future. The analogy of 8Ball is critical in the face of uncertainty and not having a stable emergency management administration and lack of control. Has more than 50 replies contextualized to Puerto Rico after the María hurricane. It also raises awareness about issues such as governmental corruption, mismanagement, petrodependence, post-hurricane new reality. It assumes a visual identity similar to the governmental one but it is critical and at the same time a humorous relief to deal with this crisis and uncertainty. 




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