menstrual milkshake (what an awfully terrible name for such an artwork)

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James Edmanson rocks his sound recorder way too often. Which is just great. For you, and for me, and the entire human race.

Your mother goes to work

Chappy in overalls

Plain awesomness! Way better than plain yoghurt if you ask me


James Edmanson

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Kasia said you re coming with her for a eurotrip?:)


Thank you james! 🙂
Please send more whenever you feel like! Noone is sending me this sort of messages!:p


Hope all is cool down under
Im thinking about visiting sometime… like… in a year or two… its soo faat unbelievable 😛
ames! Tottaly awesome!
Thank you! 🙂
Do you want to send me some for the wrong bienale? 🙂

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