Jason Nelson

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Hey  Mižu,
As promised here is a work for the SPAM exhibition. It fits the theme in one major way. Each level explores and works against the SPAM-like language of the US government.
Spam as government speak!
Have a play and let me know what you think.
Title: Myopic Blossoms
URL: http://www.secrettechnology.com/myopic/
Artwork type:  interactive art-game and digital poem

Artist/Digital Poet:  Jason Nelson
[iframe src=”https://www.secrettechnology.com/myopic/” width=”100%” height=”100%”]
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Brief Description:
Video games are a language, a grammar or linguistics of various texts. The sounds, the movement, the graphics, the rules or lack of rules, everything about a video game is a component of language.  A digital poetry game must combine all these elements, strange and interactive stanzas, crossed out and obstructed lines, sounds and texts triggered and lost during the play. Indeed the game interface becomes a road to inhabiting the digital poem, to coaxing the reader/player into living and creating within the game/poetry space.Myopic Blossoms is an art/ poetry/ adventuring game, a playland for exploring and disrupting the collisions and breaking-apart of our governments, the downfall of our political leaders.  Each level allows the reader/user/player to knock apart, slinging ideas into, the dominant social and political systems, coaxes them into rethinking corrupt/inept/elitist/militaristic governments.
And in another way Myopic Blossoms is an instrument for creative play. The reader/user/player becomes the creator, aiming for movement and sound, image and collision. They can slingshot into small worlds, recreate them into madness or textual beauty.From game comes art and from art comes collision and from collision becomes new pathways through institutions too broken and powerful to continue.
It’s a bizarre and wonderful work me thinks. 
cheers, Jason

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