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“In the office, there is a fan to replace the fresh touch of wind. In the office, there are super strong lightbulbs and computer screens shining into one’s face instead of the sun. In the office, there are artificial plants simulating real greenery, which is so necessary for healthy life.”
samuel velebny‘s apocalyptic take on life in the office, behind a computer… ehm. & Nuclear Semiotics

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‘An anually renewed ritual can be forseen, with the legend retold yearby year. The actual “truth” would be entrusted exculisvely to an “atomic priesthood”. Membership in this “priesthood would be self-selective over time.’

This text can be found in the document titled ‘Communication Measures to Bridge Ten Millennia’. It proposes ideas to keep information about nuclear waste repositories safe over millennia. Together with another document form 1984 in which descriptions of waste isolation protocols can be found, they propose different signage and signage decryption scenarios which would communicate danger in the post anthropocene. created 3D models of the monuments described in the documents and trained an image recognition algorithm to describe them.

by Jelena Viskovic



menstrual milkshake (what an awfully terrible name for such an artwork)

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James Edmanson rocks his sound recorder way too often. Which is just great. For you, and for me, and the entire human race.

Your mother goes to work

Chappy in overalls

Plain awesomness! Way better than plain yoghurt if you ask me

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