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Hello there!
I was told about the Spam Pavilion by a friend of mine, and found your concept interesting. I have a piece of internet art that I think would fit in neatly 🙂
It’s called “Endless Prayers”, and it depicts an old painting of God. Every tweet containing the word “pray” will appear between Gods hands. The frequency of this is usually too fast for a human to read, and hence you get a real time impression of the “spam” god receives in forms of prayers on twitter.
Link to artwork:
http://disputable.info/prayers/Please let me know if you want to see more of my work, artist statement, CV etc.
Best regards,
Jørgen Evil Ekvoll

Hi Jorgen

I am sorry for late reply. I believed I sent you a message some weeks back but apparently I didn’t…
anyways, your work is very appealing and I think it resonates very well with the concept and aesthetics of the pavilion.
can you please send me the original file so I can upload it? or is it all html and some javascript? either way, surely we’ll figure something out.
if you got more work with similar ethos (sorry for the term) please do send me that too
Kind Regards
Michal Mitro
How exciting!

The piece is HTML/JS, and has a little server running in the background. The HTML/JS should work if copied to other places/websites. If it doesn’t, let me know, and I tweak the server.
This piece is quite different from my other works, as I often work with digital drawings that I produce in traditional mediums in the Middle East. (I.e. silk carpets).
Thougs this piece might be different from my other art in terms of medium, it is not so different in content, as I often work with themes that taps into religious concepts, or concepts that bridges Middle Eastern and Western culture.
I graduated from Central St. Martins college with a degree in Fine Arts in 2005, and have exhibited my works mainly through the Istanbul based gallery “Galerist”, and have been featured on many of the international art fairs (Art Basel, Art Dubai, FIAC, Frieze, etc)
As I was mainly working with Islamic esthetics in some kind of “arabic pop-art”, I moved to Lebanon in  2009 with the ambition of becoming famous in the Middle East.
When I moved back to Norway in 2013 I brought my Lebanese girlfriend with me, and I took a dayjob as a computer programmer to support us financially.
Since then I have been less productive with my art, but I have learned a lot about technology. So now that my girlfriend finally got herself a job, I have gained freedom to create more art, and have begun to use my acquired computer skills into art production.
I have some other art pieces based on internet, but I had to take the server down. I will put it back up again on Monday or Tuesday so you get to see it.
I can also send you some of my other pieces, but, again, they are not meant for internet.
Thanks again,

Hey Jorgen!

thanks for your answer and all the information! Makes the picture somewhat clearer now 🙂
Do you think you could send me oroginal html and js files along with any special instructions i may need to go through? I am about to start uploading content to the pavilion site
feel free to send me the links to your other works too, if they’re online already!

jorgen hi!

the biennale is approaching fast and im finalising the pavilion site
i managed to get your work here: spam.catering/prayers
but your websockets seem to block me from connecting to servers and fetching the prayer feed, which you can see in any browser in developer inspector.
do you think you could do something about it?
other option would be changing your site from http to https. that way, i could simply iframe it.
would any of this work for you? or you have a better idea?
mizu 🙂
Hey! Sorry I haven’t responded to your previous email! My bad! Yes, I can easily fix the problem by allowing CORS for the websocket api. I’m out and about, but will fix it when I get home. I let you know when it’s sorted.

Hello! It turns out that I have to set up encryption for it work either way, so I will be installing https / wss today. I let you know when it’s finished

I’ve now set up the site with encryption. I think you should be able to run the page on your site without having to iframe it, as the problem seemed to deal with the unprotected websocket – which is protected now.
I have attached the HTML document that you can paste, or you can rip it from https://disputable.info/prayers/ if you like.
I’m very excited to see it live on your site 😀

hi Jorgen!

great thanks a lot!
i ll check it out and get back shortly
stay tuned 🙂

hey jorgen!

it seems to work fine now, thanks a lot!
also, im adding a profile of each artists which is but complete transcription of our conversation.
as you may have noticed, there s this magical word “curating” in the name of the pavilion – curating spam.
i know, it is slightly alibistic but i think it sheds light on both concept of the work artists submit and on a way our collaboration evolved, which may be labeled curating in some way… or at least, i give it that label. do correct me if im completely wrong (what a pun lol) 😀




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