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Heeeey i got an idea!

Why not try this as a starter?
You wanted sick… ;-P
I made this not long ago and later I do for you some brand new shit when my device is back in the saddle…ok?! 
This mini movie is completely my property, you can spread it like an infection… 😉
Cheers and mighty night…


Michael Beyer

Freier Autor/Sprecher/Filmer

Hi Michael!

its me again! 😀
hope all is good in good old germany ;P
as i told you, id really like to have your work displayed during wrong biennale as part of the “curating spam” pavilion i am organising. can you please send me something? actually, send me everything! i love it all! 🙂
here is some info about my pavilion, im updating it as we speak
and here s something about the binnale as a whole:
can you send me something like… this week? I am submitting the pavilion on 21st for the opening but it will be open for submission throught the biennale (nov-jan). but i need to have something when its opened 😛

conceptual practice

Hi Mizu!

Yeah, that’s fast! Nice 😀
Sooo…in good old Germany all is good and old… ;P
I hope you‘re happy & have recovered from BYOB… I have to get me a new body, it was a tough time the 5 Days of Prague Fun… 😀
So it’s on the way, Amazon Crime delivers fresh bodies very quick…
Maybe my brain has gotten a little damage or I’m just too stupid…but I don’t get it whether your Pavillion is just virtual and you show stuff on the net or if you actually have a physical exhibition somewhere too… 😀
Anyway… I try to send you something by end of the week ok?! 😉
Cheers & peace 

Michael Beyer

Freier Autor/Sprecher/Filmer


yeah im recovered and on my way to deutchland actually! 😀
im going to generate festival in tubeingen. will you be arround by any chance?
but yeah prague is hard to handle 😛
so actually, i should submit pavilion for the review during the weekend so it would be great if you could send me something by friday evening? maybe easiest thing, do you have what you were showing on BYOB somewhere online? if you can upload it to youtube, vimeo, i can just grab it from there. and than later on you have three more months (wrong biennale runs form 1.11-31.1) to submit more visual awesome-trash 🙂
and as forthe medium, yes the whole biennale is mainly offline.
we will most probably have an offline space too with monitors installation and some program in Brno (brün) here in czech repblic, so people will see it there too 🙂
sooo… peace be with you, talk to you soon!
mizu 🙂

Michael hi!

how does it look?
im about to submit the pavilion. could you send me something? one video would be good enough to start with 🙂
cheeeers from tubingen 😛

Hi mizu,

i‘m so sorryyyy! Didn’t forget you, but I got sick the last days… I caught a fat cold and was just sleeping…couldn’t do stuff… 
So i will send you something knew i made, but i have to finish it … so pleeeeaze be patient 😉
The film from BYOB is a bit difficult to put on the net, you know, cause I will work with it some more and show it on festivals, it’s part of a quite bigger film and so i‘m a little afraid to upload it to the web… because once it’s online it spreads everywhere, you know…aaargh  😉 
I will send you something via wetransfer ok?! 
For how long are you staying at tübingen and what are you up to there? Didn’t know that there was something (but it’s located 5 hours from my hometown Essen anyway…so it’s not around the corner 😉 ) 
So have a Great Time then and I try to send you stuff as quick as i can righty right? 
Cheeeeeers from Essen,

Hey michael!!

Sure no worries, i didnt realise you were sick. Hope you re fine now! 🙂
Yeah i understand, if you want to keep yoir work lucrative and offline you probably dont want to put it on spam pavilion haha :p
But yeah, anything like what i ve seen in prague would be super cool! 🙂
In tubingen i was hosting a synthesiser
Workshop as part of generate festival. Was quite fun 🙂
Next year you should check it out!
Talk to you soon 🙂

Michael yo whats up? 🙂

you re feeling better i hope? any news from your side?
biennale is opening tomorrow, so if you ve got something ready, i would love to put it online.

Heeeey Mizu!

I‘m so sorry! Chaos-Times right now! First Sick,  now better, then my editing device (I’m preparing something nicely insane on VHS!!!) gives me trouble and i can’t work properly on that project.. at the same time i‘m buisy with jobs… so i hope i Can deliver later … i really want to, but there are troubled times right now… I deliver asap okidoki? 
I hope that works for you?! 
Pardon me please…
All the best and cheers from Action Jackson-Michael 😉

Heeeeey mizu

Whats up? 😉
Did you check out the Virus-Trailer-Mini-Movie? 🍿 Total Trash and insanity galore I think!
My device works again and i got some more stuff to come…if you still want! 
Are you in ? 😉
Just tell me…

Michael hi!

how are you? thanks for the movie! im putting it up straight away!
uber-cool 😛
sorry for the late reply i had too many projects past month and wasnt really doing much for the spam pavilion but now im back to i!
we are also opening the wrong embassy in prague next week! the offline space… woooo
totally send me more when you happen to have some!
cheers! 🙂

Aaahaha Mizuuuuuu…

You Site ist THAT crazy,it drives you nuts… 😀 
Just the insane Madness I totally like! 
Ueber-cool too!!! 😉
You didn’t put up the film, you uploaded our whole Conversation via Email…  😀 
WTF…???!!! Hahaha…
And one plea: could you announce me please as MONDO ENDORPHINO ?! 
Cause my own page got the same name and so on…
Would be cool! And wooooohooo great that the offline space opens… fuck that I cannot leave Germany right now because of projects… but until what time will you do this? 
Cheers and stay sick… ;-D


thaaaaanks 🙂
sure, i ll rename it 😉
btw, you re work is here:
keep it up! 😉





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