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Hey btw
You want to submit sometjing for my pavilion at wrong bienale?
I know youre busy but i thought maybe you have some trash at the back of your mind culminating that needs to be urgently released?

cmon! send me something for my spam pavilion
i know you got heaps of trash somewhere there!
ill bring to koszice
anyways as for the spam thing… would be cool if you could sned me someting now (virtual) as the opening is in a week
i ll have the call open throughot but i need some content for the opening lol 😛
well I told you I kind of busy with flat hunt and shit like that it steals a lot of my lifenergy to deal with property agents
so this year I kind of put to waste regarding to artistic pursuits
spam I don’t know I can give you some spam from my emails
im looking exactly for waste 😉

this is my favourite
can you send me one terrible picture every day?


or like seven a week>?
or just some amount in some tme?
I’m bad with commitments





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