one more gif never hurt anyone

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 anna chrtkova just can’t stop giffing me that shit! always clean, neat, nice, fresh… chill, relax… forever. Q: how does it realte to global warming? A: fu*k knows. who are you to ask anyways!? bottom line: ….enjooooooyyy…. mmmmm

the spam bibliography

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   Angela Genusa shared her most amazing alphabetical, systematic, exhaustive, academic and simply awesome and most useful spam bibliography with us. to cite an expert “it is very important to cite” (Michal Mitro, 2012)             … Read More

Angela Genusa

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 Hi Michal, I don’t know if my work Spam Bibliography qualifies for your Curating Spam project or if it’s past the deadline. Are you only accepting works from artists based in Asia, Europe, and Africa? I’m US-based. Please let me … Read More

Gabriella Torres-Ferrer


 Hi  I’m interested in submiting this website: It is a digital art website created by myself a local artist and resident of Puerto Rico. It is created from the uncertainty that this natural disaster crisis has caused and the discontent of … Read More


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 Heeeey i got an idea! Why not try this as a starter? You wanted sick… ;-P I made this not long ago and later I do for you some brand new shit when my device is back in the … Read More

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