same shit different day

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 I once met a boy who was secretely selling carpets to american soldiers in their army base instead of attending classes. he d always say: “same shit, different day” , american way god bless him Neon m3


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 “In the office, there is a fan to replace the fresh touch of wind. In the office, there are super strong lightbulbs and computer screens shining into one’s face instead of the sun. In the office, there are artificial plants simulating real … Read More

travelling at home (lol)

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 Julia Drouhin decided she’s heading to Paris. Coraline Janvier decided she’s heading to Hobart (which is in Tasmania, mate) They are meeting somewhere on the way I guess…. but more importantly, they got terrible load of awesome google streets views… … Read More & Nuclear Semiotics

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 ‘An anually renewed ritual can be forseen, with the legend retold yearby year. The actual “truth” would be entrusted exculisvely to an “atomic priesthood”. Membership in this “priesthood would be self-selective over time.’ This text can be found in the … Read More

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